Gates Open April 4 - 8AM

April 15 - 17, 2022

Gates Close - Tuesday 19 3PM

301 Saltwater Road
Bomera NSW 2357

Where Is Hartwood?



Hartwood's address is 301 Saltwater Road, Bomera NSW 2357.

Hartwood is approximately 160 kilometres south west of Tamworth NSW.

The turn off to Hartwood is located on the western side of Black Stump Way, 20 kilometres south of Tambar Springs, or 43 kilometres north of Coolah.

It is approximately 4 kilometres from Black Stump Way to the Hartwood Festival site.

In the weeks leading up to Easter there are many signs advertising the approaching turn off, so whether you are traveling from the north or south, you should have no trouble finding your way.

Hartwood property entrance